Sunday, January 11, 2009

Motocross 2009

at the American Airlines Center in Dallas
We had a wonderful time at the Motocross 2009 event this year! This was
 the first time that either one of us has ever been to a FMX (Freestyle Motocross) event
 so we were a little unsure of what to expect.  

We purchased our tickets in advance using Ticket Master and we were able to snag section 116 on the lower level. We sat about halfway up section 116 in row O seats 10 and 11.  We were so close we could actually smell the exhaust from the bikes as they sped by us.

We had an easy drive down I-30, there isn't much traffic in Dallas on saturday afternoons.

We arrived to the American Airlines Center a bit early s
o we deiced to take a walk around the AAC and look at the shops. We also saw a young girl celebrating her QuincenaƱera with her family, how cool is that!

Our Event starts at 7:30, however, the Pit Party starte
d at 5:30 so we grabbed our Pit Passes and headed on down to the ground level of the AAC. 

The Pit Party is a chance for fans to meet the bikers, get a picture with them, and get their autographs.  We had a chance to meet every one of th
em (there were ten in all).  The Villegas Brothers were Jessica's favorite.  

7:30 came too soon and it was time to start the show! All of the bikers were introduced and did a few laps before the competition began.  The goal for the competition was to impress the judges and get the highest score possible in under 60
 seconds; by performing stunning tricks and landing in the "sweet spot" of the ramp.

Only the four contestants with the highest score would make it to the final round where the riders would again try to impress the judges and compete for the highest score possible. Gabriel Villegas pulled in a 94.1 winning him the competition... and the fans love him too.

One of the half-time shows included various unscripted and daring stunts.

Also, Thank you Jamie for watching our puppy!